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I would like to ask if it is possible to recover lost data in a SDHC memory card. During installation of Linux OS this card was plugged in and was chosen by mistake as a location for installation. The option 'install alongside with current OS' was chosen and somehow this card was there as a default installation directory. At the next step the system distributes disc space between what is needed for the OS and existing data on a partition, where you can adjust it with a slide divider. I didnt adjust the ratio and pressed ok, and the OS was installed there. The card was originally formatted in fat32, had volume 16Gb, of which 1 Gb was filled with photos; the OS needed about 4 Gb. It could no longer be read in windows, because during installation it was formated in ext2 Linux format. When I opened it in Linux there were only Linux files and no original partition. I hoped I would find it there. Could anyone tell me what has happened and whether there is any chance to restore the lost images?

There are a couple of Windows based tools that can recover pictures/videos from SD cards. Not sure how well it will work though since the card now has a different file table.
Tried some recovery programs on windows. Some images were restored, some of which were corrupted, but it was unable to recover the bigger part . Does it mean the card was overwritten?
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