Debian login issues

Roy J. Tellason

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Jan 10, 2021
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I have a workstation here that started out as version 8, been upgraded continually as new versions of packages come out. This one does not list "root" as a possible user when logging in, although I can hit the "not listed" option and get to it that way. I also have a laptop which was installed from a version 10 DVD and this one will NOT allow that option, it seems to have a problem with the password though I can open a terminal and "su" just fine with that same password. These things are both very annoying, and I would like to do away with them, and just be able to log in as root when I choose to at boot time. How do I go about doing so in a Debian system? (I'm not new to linux, but have been running mostly Slackware since about 1999 or so, and I know my way around that pretty well.) Please no lectures about why it's not a good idea to run as root, you'd be wasting your time and mine.
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