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I had been using Mint very recently, and was pretty pleased with it. I also had it dual booted with Xubuntu. But then I did somerhing ill advised - I either updated something that broke my stability (the dreaded black screen) or I added something else (I forget now). Any way, I now had to reinstall everything.

So I thought ":Why not just try something totally different?" Since I work here in China I thought of two choices, the Chinese Ubuntu (I forget the name) or Deepin. Deepin seemed like a fresher choice since I already had been using Xubuntu.

I have been using to for two weeks now and am quite pleased with it. Of all the distros I have used it now is the quickest in getting onto VPN - an essential here in the shadow of the great Firewall. Plus, it looks quite different from all the distros I sampled (and that has been quite a few).

Any other users of Deepin here?

Deepin has some serious innovation in the desktop environment department. Sometime I gotta boot it to get its feeling.
Working in China, Google is indeed a big problem to log in.
I have looked at 15.6 and it is certainly worth considering as an alternative to the more popular Distros around and gets a 9.9 on average reviews on Distrowatch
Hi Ptah :)

These words is certainly worth considering as an alternative to the more popular Distros around...

... certainly do apply, in my books, not just to Deepin itself, but to many Distros to be found in the columns of DistroWatch. I have not yet tried the Distro itself, but had some interesting experiences with a Manjaro spinoff, Manjaro Deepin, which feature the DE (Desktop Environment) the Chinese developed. I found it very attractive.

I am not sure whether the above three former Members have rejoined after the reorganisation of the site in April 2017, but if they are still with us, I would welcome their input on their Deepin experiences :D


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