Deleted manjaro partition from windows now cant access any OS


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Jun 9, 2024
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Hi everybody, i recently downloaded manjaro to learn how to code but i was going to get ubuntu after i learned that arch doesn't run on amd cpu's very well, so i deleted my manjaro partition on windows and rebooted, after i got the error-(error: no such partition, entering rescue mode... grub rescue>) The Bios is completely useless as every time i press a button it freezes up, i really need the computer in like 5 hours so i hope someone can help,
the laptop is acer nitro 5 16 with a ryzen 5 8645HS and rtx 3050 hope that helps.

My guess is when you deleted the partition and therefore deleted the boot files along with it - I would suggest reinstalling manjaro to get the boot files back where they belong

See this guide on how to remove linux from dual boot-

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