Dell Inspiron 15 3520 as replacement for Insignia NS-P11W7100


Apr 29, 2024
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Earlier this month i needed to "upgrade" my hardware so i got a Dell NoteBook S/T "B92LTW3", the Inspiron 15 3xxx (End-of-Line) series with board 0DVVYG A00 inside, except those details didn't appear until it was in my hands... Anyway i've done my best to decide which Linux breed has chances to stick around for a long while. Fisrt the .ISOs are all required to launch from an amovible 'YUMi-exFAT' (Ventoy) drive, for uEFi BiOS convenience exactly; then survive a reboot and finally manage to run some multi-media player as iP-TV with one BlueTooth audio device, optionally completed with a gamepad so to play legacy games like Mario Bros and similar. Ah, and i had to find 'HardInfo' pre-installed or easy to add, preferably v2...

Here's one sample i collected and sorted out as a function of memory (starting with lightweight):

If i'm interpreting this correctly that appears to be favorable to 'VLC', so far.

Next i'll have to look around for previous records from my former Insignia NS-P11W7100 "transformer" tablet and compare, this is some of what i managed to find:


Yet in the end one very determining test will be to evaluate it once dedicated to its intended use, eventually ditching away the Linux flavours having their drivers less than fine-tuned, in particular the BlueTooh thing which MX Cinnamon actually allowed me to skip during a software update... Lucky me.

Good day, have fun!! :cool:


  • Fedora Cinnamon - HardInfo2 on Dell Inspiron 15 3520 - BT(2x) [650x380] .png
    Fedora Cinnamon - HardInfo2 on Dell Inspiron 15 3520 - BT(2x) [650x380] .png
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  • Sparky & HardInfo2 - Insignia vs Dell [900x350] .png
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There's been a new release of MX recently, so i gave it some fair try exploring many different situations:

If it weren't for the late transition to pipewire i'd have my favourite paprefs tool available via synaptic so to get 2 BT earphone sets active simultaneously, while even with both of them confirmed to be connected & ready i'm afraid only 1 single set has sound at any time - so far... Since i already seen this work before i won't despair having sufficient support for 2-persons iP-TV viewing and/or even legacy 2-players gaming, eventually.

On a side-note, i can't but notice that Celluloïd proves having poor memory-wise performance compared to all other evaluated options, which means i can now refrain from further spending resources on it when i'll try sort out between VLC, Hypnotix and SMPlayer next time.



  • Dell Inspiron 15 3520 running permanent MX23.3 setup (2024-May-30) [1080x330] .png
    Dell Inspiron 15 3520 running permanent MX23.3 setup (2024-May-30) [1080x330] .png
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Once i paid closer attention to Celluloïd i started to realize it was tempting to interpret the numbers just a little further, aided here with colour:

This initial exception caused me to notice two more: « CPU N-Queens » & « SysBench Memory (Multi-thread) », as they appear to be an echo of performance. Actually if i calculate the mean values i get 525.26 ±0.54 % and 9977 ±0.61 % respectively, e.g. boundaries with a ± error margin around only ~½ %! ... Is it possible 'HardInfo2' values like these could somehow become useful in avoiding other "rejects" in the future and hence even save time & effort in the process??


At least that's competition for all previous champions, i'm thinking of LMDE followed by Sparky, or vice-versa...

Good day, have fun!! ;)


  • Dell Inspiron 15 3520 & Non-Live MX23.3 - Emerging patterns (2024-May-30) [950x290] .png
    Dell Inspiron 15 3520 & Non-Live MX23.3 - Emerging patterns (2024-May-30) [950x290] .png
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