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Oct 6, 2019
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I have a dell laptop s/n F06k812. Express service code is 32662756262. I tried to change the bios passcode and removed the cmos battery and now my computer wont even come on. The light indicating the power plinks red then blue. What should i do.

This is the service tag number. F06k812

Owners Manual.



I would create an account on one of the above links and post your problems and see what solutions / suggestions the Dell Community offers.

More than likely someone else may have had this problem and there may already be a solution posted.
It looks like your laptop is an Inspirion 3542. Though it seems you don't need it yet, you might want to download the Owner's Manual for it for future reference.

You have TWO problems, but let's ignore the password problem for now. It won't matter if you can't get the laptop to start. So, you say that the computer will not even come on... do you see anything on the screen at all when you try to start it? The Dell logo? Anything? Can you hit F2 when trying to boot and get to the BIOS Setup? If you get any response from the computer when trying to start it, describe it for us.

If nothing works at all... try this:

1. Be sure it is powered off. Hold down Power button for about 10-15 seconds, if not sure.
2. Unplug AC power from the laptop
3. Remove main battery (not CMOS battery)
4. Hold down the Power button continuously for 30 seconds or more.
5. Plug in the AC adaptor (leave battery out for now)
6. Try to start it and see if you get the Dell Logo... and if you can use F2 to get into Setup

If the laptop does try to start normally, shut it down again and put the battery back in. If it works without the battery but fails with it installed, then the battery is bad. Just run on AC power until you can replace it.

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