Different networks communicating with each other?


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Jun 10, 2021
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i have 4 Ubuntu 20.04 VMs running on VirtualBox. Each Ubuntu has 4 network adapters which i have added, they are all in bridged connection. My goal with this ideea is to have different networks such as ( or ore on each interface so that VM(1,2,3,4) has 3 networks on each interface (leaving the first interface alone because of connection issues). And if i try to ping lets say interface3 from VM2 which has the network( from vm1 interface 2 which has the network( they should not communicate but they do. My goal is so that i can clearly see that if they are not from the same network , they shouldnt ping each other. But at the moment , whatever ip address i give to the interfaces they all communicate with each other.


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What addresses do the clients get, can you share the output of ip a while one of the clients is booted up? What other options do you have for the clients network interface? So other than bridge network what other network types can you select in the settings of your virtual interface?
My goal with this ideea is to have different networks such as ( or ore on each interface
If your setup will have a gateway to the internet, you may cause a whole lot of trouble. The only valid IP range you listed for private networks is belongs to Microsoft (check it here) belongs to GRS-DOD (check it here)
If you think "DOD" might mean (US) Department of Defense, I think you'd be right!

These IP addresses are not accepting HTTP connections, but they could still be in use for other services.

This Wikipedia article lists the three IPv4 network address blocks available for private networks. You should adhere to these even if you think you will not have internet access. Private networks are often misrouted to the internet, and using valid IP address that are not owned by you is a very bad idea.

My networking skills are too rusty to really help you, sorry. But I did want to jump in and maybe save you from some nasty legal letters, or people in uniform knocking on your door. ;)

Good luck!
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