Discord links no longer work after upgrading to Fedora 34 [SOLVED]


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Oct 8, 2020
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Ever since I upgraded to 34, I have been unable to open any links I click on in the Discord desktop application. I'm installing it completely normally from the tar.gz on their website (the only available official method other than repackaging the deb). I'm using the default GNOME 40 and Wayland. My default browser is set to Brave, and I've had no problems like this before on 31-33. I spoke to support and they recommended I reach out to Linux experts to see if this is something anyone knows how to resolve, as they have not encountered it before. Have any of you been suffering with this too?

UPDATE: This is apparently a problem with the tar file only. I installed from flatpak and it's all in working order. I'm going to hazard a guess that there was something odd going on with default dependencies, which I know the flatpak automatically sorts out. I'm going to leave the thread here, if that's alright with mods, in case anyone else is searching for solutions to the same problem.
...in case anyone else is searching for solutions to the same problem.

By all means, thanks for sharing and glad you got a solution.

I have pinned this Thread in Fedora for the time being, as I may do with others. When a Linux upgrades, there can be teething problems, and it is handy for folks to be able to see that they are not alone, and fast track to a solution.

Friday here in Oz so


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