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Disk burning program in Solus 4


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Apr 2, 2019
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I want to erase a re-writable DVD in Solus 4 but can't find the program to use. I installed Brasero from the software center but it doens't want to launch.

Not sure why Brasero would not work. Any errors or other clues? Do you want to try to make it work?

Or.... try installing K3B?

Or.... try erasing your DVD from the command line with wodim or cdrecord commands?

I saw in another post that your desire is to install another Linux (Antergos, I think) on that DVD. Just a word of caution that sometimes DVD-RW disks may not play well with burning Linux .iso files. You can try, and it may work... but if there are problems with it you may rather use standard DVD-R, DVD+R, or a USB flash drive instead.

I din't know what to do so I poured me some bear and just installed Lubuntu. I erased the DVD and downloaded and burned Antergos Budgie to it. Installed it on Sunday afternoon and it works great so far on my old PC. Much better than Solus. Oh yeah, the DVD burner in Lubuntu worked well. Thanks for the support.