Do you run a Voice over IP server?



I run a Mumble VOIP server, have tested Teamspeak before i shifted to mumble. I don't generally use it only for Gaming, but i prefer it for normal Push-to-Talk conversations.

Mumble VOIP has a server- Murmur, it's simple to setup via Command line and you're ready to go. It also has clients for mobile devices, thus i love using it as a Push-to-talk application. It has a very low latency and is best for lower bandwidth networks.

Have you setup a VOIP server?

Could you tell me how to set up VOIP in my Linux? Please let me know what information I need to provide so you can coach me how to set up this program.
Sure, First you'd want to choose the type of VOIP you'd prefer using. Like Teamspeak or Mumble. I personally prefer mumble cause it has a very Low latency over the other.

If you would like to use Mumble, first you'll need to install the Mumble client on your Linux Distro. Could you let me know which distro are you using? You can access the Installing Mumble page over here and there are instructions on how to install the client on different Linux Distros :

After that on your Linux Server you'll need to install Murmur, For me since i was using Cent OS 5.7, i had to follow the instructions for installation on RHEL/Cent OS

The package installation wont work since the GBS repository has been down for ages. So you'll have to compile the binary package and run it Manually.

What i used to do is, Download the tarball from and extract it, there will be the murmur.x86 file, run it using : ./murmur.x86 and the server should be running. To configure edit the config.ini.

There's a guide on that too over here :

You can setup SSL encryption for your VOIP. I love personal encrypted VOIP, cause it always allows me to feel safe from Government intervention. Probably in the future this would be the best solution.
Yes and no. You can host it, and your buddies will be able to connect and frag\raid together, but you may notice some decreased performance due the the ventrilo using CPU power and network bandwidth. The downside is that unless you have paid specially for a static IP address. Your ip will change ever so often, meaning you have to give out the server ip again. You will also need to port forward. This is not hard, Google ventrilo port forward tutorial.