Does an SSL security cert help when connecting via SSH?



Hi all,

I home-host my website and a few other services.

If I remotely connect to my server across the internet using SSH, this is on internal server Port 22 (via whatever external router port number I decide to configure).

If I have an SSL Security Certificate, it means I can serve web pages on internal server Port 443 (via external router port 443).

So, would I be correct in thinking that there is no added benefit of paying for an SSL security certificate in this circumstance of hosing a simple website and SSH-ing to it for edits and file transfers? ie: logging into my server via SSH session will mean sending my password across the internet - can it be sniffed weather I have an SSL cert or not?

Many thanks, Scott.
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I think I may have just found my answer on the superuser forum.. I would post the link, but being new I'm not allowed.

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