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Does learning the fundamentals of Operating Systems makes me a better Linux doer?

you can look at foundation [basic] courses as this, or you can learn the Linux way [install/play around/break/fix/fail to fix re-install] if you can learn by rote fine if not the Linux way will stick in the brain as it's a physical [not abstract] way to do things
History is always good to know. There are lots of people here who could tell you who what when where and why about everything Linux down to the individual packages. But personally, if you're trying to learn a system, the only thing that really matters is the logic and functionality the "how". If you can understand that, you're capable of not only utilizing the software made available to you, but you could one day develop it yourself.

History is a double edged sword. It's great to know who what when where and why, but all of that takes 5 times longer than just learning the how. So if I were paying for an education, I'd want the "how" to be the priority and the rest optional as time is money (ofc this is how public education works, the longer you're there, the more money they make).
Depends. If you are interested in it yes, cause it will motivate you to try things out, read code, write your own code, contribute to projects.
If its the classical university "you have to learn this now or else" nonsense then no :p

Imho there is no useless knowledge as long as you think its interesting go for it.

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