Does linux run minecraft better then windows? Which distribution should I choose?


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My computer runs minecraft in like 30-50 fps,but sometimes it gets a lag and for a moment the fps is down. I am thinking about installing some lightweight linux. If i install
a linux minecraft run better on it? If yes, what distro to install?
My computer specifications:
CPU: Intel pentium G2030
GPU: Intel hd graphics
System: Windows 7


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I don't have a direct answer, because I don't game.

Here's your CPU:

Now, what I can say is that Linux can be *more easily* configured to run leaner than Windows. If you know what you're doing, or follow the correct tutorials, you'll be able to make Linux run as few processes as necessary.

It used to also be true that Linux was more stable, meaning requiring fewer reboots and being able to achieve legendary uptime. As near as I can tell, this is still true. However, Windows has (honestly) made some great improvements over the years.

So, it boils down to you and what you do, more than anything else. Is this your desktop computer, or are you talking about running a Minecraft server? Either way, your graphics and other specs aren't really all that great for gaming. I'd suggest keeping your expectations within the realm or reality. Irrespective of the operating system, you're still constrained by the maximum performance of your hardware.

Give it a shot. You can dual boot easily enough. If you like it, learn more about Linux and stick with it. You really don't need great technical expertise to run most modern Linux distros.


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I dont know much about comparing Linux to Windows, but I do know how you could possibly make mc run better regardless if your on Windows or Linux if your interested. You dont need much in terms of pc specs to play mc.

Ive heard that Linux in general is lighter weight than windows and generally runs faster due to that. At least thats what I was told.

I use Linux Mint and it runs mc really well, I just use Intel HD graphics.

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Have a look here


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My grandson plays it at 2560x1440 165Hz, I don't know if it's any faster than windows, but it's certainly not any slower.

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