Driver And Activation Of TP-LINK Archer T2U Wifi Card

Saurav Sarkar

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I bought tp-link archer t2u wifi card.

I am using debian linux.

With lsusb it is showing Ralink Technology, Corp.

I downloaded the driver from tp-link website.

But when i ran the sudo make command an error came showing folder does not exist and it cancelled.

Help me to activate wifi card.


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Saurav Sarkar

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the g-debi can only install .deb file which i can do easily.

but my downloaded file was zip file, and after extracting the zip file i found make script.

i had installed the driver but the device is not on.

so how to switch on the device ?


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I didn't see your exact tp-link archer under devices on this Debian WiKi that "might work".

Look under prerequisites on the Debian WiFi Wiki. You might need iw or wireless-tools.

To find out if iw or wireless-tools are installed use the dpkg -L command.

Where did you download the driver from?

Did you reboot after installing the driver?

Are you using wicd or network manager?

This video should help you watch it when you can.

Saurav Sarkar

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i had downloaded the driver from tplink website.

the driver is for mt7650u chipset.

the device is switched on, it can sense the networks but cannot connect to the networks.

with iw dev command the device is not showing.

from other sites i found that this device works with mt7610u.

so now i had downloaded the driver from github.

now with iw dev command i can see my device.

it can now connect to 2.4 Ghz networks but low signal.

it is difficult to connect to 5 Ghz networks and it has very poor signal.

can you tell me how to uninstall the driver so i can load it cleanly.


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To remove the driver sudo apt remove (name of driver).

Saurav Sarkar

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How to find out the driver name, i mean with which name it is installed how i can find it out ?

How to know the list of installed drivers in linux.

With Synaptic Package Manager i can view installed softwares, so how i can view the installed drivers ?


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Drivers are listed using the command lsmod.

Saurav Sarkar

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I don't know they are drivers or not in lsmod command list.

But sudo apt remove command is for uninstallation of packages not for drivers.

For uninstallation of packages i can use Synaptic Package Manager.


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How to know the list of installed drivers in linux.
To find your network driver, enter the following command in a terminal:
sudo lshw -C network
You may see information for both wired and wireless network adapters. Look in the capabilities section, and you should find a listing of "driver=xxxxx" that indicates the driver in use.

The TP-Link driver package you downloaded includes a 9-page PDF that explains how to install and use their product. I'm afraid I can't help you more than that... other than to suggest that you try a different distro other than Debian. Debian is a great distro, but it is NOT newbie friendly, and it is NOT always easy to get proprietary drivers to run with it. Ubuntu or Linux Mint are better distros for beginners, and they might make your WiFi adapter work just by simply plugging it in (though that is not a guarantee).

Good luck!

Saurav Sarkar

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From TP LINK website the driver i downloaded is MT7650U and installed with sudo make and sudo make install commands but with iw dev command the device is not listed and even the device cannot connect to searched networks.

So i searched the internet and found the driver will be MT7610U.

So i downloaded MT7610U driver from Github site.

After the installation i got the device listed in iw dev command.

Now the device is working.

With lsmod it is showing both mt7650u and mt 7610u.

So i want to remove mt7650u.

I already have only upto n series wifi card which is completely sensed by debian and reported clearly for what files were missing and i downloaded those files and installed and the wifi card was still working properly.

Now i had updated my router to ac so i bought dual band wifi card but debian cannot sense what files are needed.


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Now the device is working.
If the device is now working, I would leave well enough alone! :cool::D

If you insist, the commands rmmodand modprobe can both be used to remove kernel modules, and that is assuming that your driver is, in fact, a kernel loaded module. More information can be found in the man pages for these commands, or a couple of links that may help are here and here.


Try it like this:
Tp-link archer t2u
Chipset: MediaTek MT7610U
*MediaTek MT7601U firmware, version 34 (mt7601u.bin)
* MediaTek MT7630/MT7650 Bluetooth firmware (mt7650.bin)
* MediaTek MT76x2 firmware, version 1.9 (mt7662.bin)
* MediaTek MT76x2 ROM patch, version 0.0.2_P69 (mt7662_rom_patch.bin)

apt install firmware-misc-nonfree

To remove a package installed from sources, go to the program source folder (where you compiled) and issue the commands as an administrator:

make uninstall Package Name
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