Drivers or controllers in Linux . See installed drivers. How can I do to see what are the installed


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Feb 13, 2018
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How can I determine the installed drivers or controller for a wifi usb adapter or any other driver ?

Please a good link with full instructions for a dummy.

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It would be interesting to know why you are asking this.

If you have a set-up that works, it works. If you have a set-up that does not work there are specifics to answer.

Do you have a specific usb wifi adapter? What make and model?

You can find details of a usb wifi adapter by using the command, in a Terminal: lsusb
You can find details of a usb wifi adapter by using the command, in a Terminal: lsusb
In addition to arochester's post:
If you run lsusb as root and use the -v switch you can get even more information about devices connected to the USB bus.
sudo lsusb -v

And if your wifi card is built-in - you can also try:
sudo lspci -v
The above command will list detailed information about all devices on the PCI bus and will include information about which kernel driver modules are in use by each device.
Another good tool is lshw ... try this:
sudo lshw -C Network

If you don't get any output, you may have to install it first (assuming a Debian/Ubuntu based distro):
sudo apt install lshw

If the output is overwhelming (which is often the case), you can send it to a file and search through the file for what you want:

sudo lsusb -v > myinputs.txt
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... wifi usb adapter or any other driver

The output at Terminal of

inxi -Fxs

will give us a broader idea of your PC's configuration, and I hark back to #2 with colleague @arochester ... why?

Are you having problems, or is there some other interest. Please give us more detail, and also what Linux Distribution you are using.

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methinks the OP may have gone to other pastures/places.....he made the original post on Feb,14....and has made no reply since. (last seen on feb 14)