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Oct 18, 2021
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Hi, im trying to duel boot an acer aspire es1 laptop.
It has 32gb of emmc attached to the mainboard.
Ive installed a 1tb ssd.
It uses a uefi boot loader.
Installed is win10 not sure of version (laptop built 2017), unable to update as there isnt enough memory. Im unable to use the added ssd to update win10. It doesn't recognise it as a location to install the update to.

Ive decided to duel boot with linux lite 5.4?

Ive managed to install lite to the ssd after several attempts.
Unfortunately the system wont duel boot, ive changed the boot security settings to custom.
Ive installed easybdc but due to the uefi settings im unable to set a second operating system for duelboot.
Any help would be appreciated as its more or less useless as it is.

Regards Andy
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