Easiest version of Linux for seniors ?

Sorry I didn't read the thread, but has anyone suggested Eldy?

crap nvm it hasn't been updated since 2009/2010. Might be a good project to try to update.

Sorry I didn't read the thread, but has anyone suggested Eldy?

crap nvm it hasn't been updated since 2009/2010. Might be a good project to try to update.
That page isn't even loading for me! Looks like elderly could use something more robust and youthful.
Works fine here.

What browser are you using on Android.
I tried it on my Android cell phone and it works.
Google Chrome browser of coarse on my cell phone.
Chrome, maybe I'll start using ff more often.
This ferenos is a free version of GNU/Linux designed to make the transition from the dominant OS easier for those inured in windoze -- ferenos -- and, unlike Zorin, it won't try to charge you money.

Most here feel mint is the cat's meow, but I feel feren is more like what you may be looking for.

Be aware that, IME, it runs best on a PC with 8 GB RAM and a multi-core processor of 2 GHz or better.
Mm. I don't know so much about Zorin.

Yes, their "top-tier" offering does cost a few shekels. But depending whether you feel you want all the extra bells & whistles the "top-tier" offers, if you're a raw beginner to Linux you might feel it's worth the one-off charge to have it all added/installed properly, by folks that know what they're doing.

I'm exclusively a "Puppy" user, and have been for several years. But I wouldn't recommend her to beginners, 'cos she's odd even by Linux standards. Veterans are horrified by the whole "run-as-root" thing, and can't get their heads around many of Pup's unique tricks.....nor are they at all happy with the minimalist subset of Bash instructions that come with our Pup OOTB.

I've kept an install of Zorin on a USB stick for nearly 8 years, I guess. Generally speaking, I've got very little time for most mainstream distros, but I just like the approach that Kyrill & Artyom - the brothers Zorin - have taken with their 'baby'.

Even I would recommend Mint to beginners, remembering my own brief experience back around Mint 14 for a few weeks. It's certainly very Windows-like, and familiarity is important when noobs are taking what for many of them is a HUGE step.

Mike. ;)
I have been having an excellent experience with Ubuntu Mate´, but I notice MINT has both Cinnamon and Mate´ desktops available. I am playing with Mint right now, and I can already see why it is a favorite.

This forum is providing some great advice for beginners, and these modern distros are easier than ever! There is no reason to open a terminal window for users who only need email and document creation, but there are many other more-advanced applications that would not need the terminal either.

And if there is any problem, the people on these forums are extremely helpful!
Here in Australia we have seniors computer clubs run by volunteers...they teach very basic computer skills like...this is a mouse...this is a keyboard...how to make cards...the Internet and of cause they teach this on windwoes only...it's for people with very little to no computer skills. :)

So for seniors to learn Linux with very little computer skills wouldn't be easy and that's where this Forum comes in.
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I love subtle sarcasm, Bob.

Members, I would like to thank you all for your valuable contributions, but I am locking this Thread, for now.

The OP has not been seen for over 6 days, which is in line with what I said at #18

If he wants it unlocked and is prepared to engage in a meaningful dialogue, he can PM me.

Thanks to all.

Chris Turner
I am re-opening this Thread, perhaps for a relatively short period of time, if the OP does not respond, in order to address what I believe to be some inaccuracies in one part of the input provided by Members, for the benefit, I hope of the many, not the least, the OP.

#36 on page 2 was provided by good Member Harald @h2-1 , and while I put a Like on it for the general thrust of the Post, I believe it is wrong with his assessment of LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition).

He said

Don't use LMDE, it kind of will offer the worst of both worlds, only for people who need that type of rolling release mint.

... and that is not correct.

LMDE has not had an element of rolling release, and that was semi-rolling release, since the un-named version 1. That was based on Debian Testing, but since version 2 'Betsy' released in 2015, it has been based on Debian Stable.

I began my experiences with LMDE with Betsy in 2015, and since then, I have included it as an integral component in my stable (currently numbering 78 Linux), and thus have used Cindy, Debbie and now Elsie.

In that seven years plus, I have not had one single glitch or problem with LMDE. In my opinion, it is as user-friendly and beginner-friendly as another Debian Stable based distro, namely the MX-series, which I have had equally as long.

Further, should Ubuntu ever, for whatever reason, go belly up, Mint CEO Clement Lefebvre has simply to steer a slightly alternative course in his business model, and continue operations with LMDE.

Cheers, and it's Friday in Oz, so



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