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What inquiries?
I am trying to perform an example run with EGS5,
But I am facing some problems.
I followed the instructions to install the EGS 5 as shown in the file1 ( to my Linux.
I modify the egs5run file as:


My questions:

  1. Is the run can be performed through the normal terminal in Linux?
  2. Usually, I performed a run for Root example as:
    [[email protected] home]$ .x example.C
  3. what the command line should I write to perform the EGS5 run example?
  4. Should I install any additional software besides the EGS5?


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Check the manual and yes, I think you would use the normal terminal in Linux.

I'm not sure if you would have to install any additional software or not but EGS5 may have dependencies that if your running Linux would have to be satisfied first.
These instructions look like for running on a Windows system.

Those are good instructions but they are dated 2004 by: Namito Hirayama.
Maybe use google to find a more recent set of instructions.

What Linux Distro are you running?


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The manual was easy to find using Google.
Just type in EGS 5.

I'm looking through the manual now.

This program is way over my head. Furthermore, I'm not sure how you would start EGS5 at the command line level.

Google is your friend.

Initialization codes start on page 34.
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