Elementary freezes a lot. (Solved)



Sep 20, 2021
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Ok I downloaded E and I've got to say It's not very responsive on my system. At this point I think what I would do is use the live session and try to copy any important files to off computer storage USB stick or or other storage DVD etc. and do a reinstall or better yet install a different Distro. Say Mint or MX linux Mint with cinnamon would be the closest to gnome which E uses. Just my opinion but E seems to very much limited in what the user can and can not do and to me is not very transparent in what it does.
If you still want to do E then reinstall it. and start over. Good Luck in whatever you choose.
It seems to me that Elementary is Linux Lite, a gateway drug into the Linux world. Having just quit Mac I'm going to stick with it for a while and see how it goes before either moving deeper into Linux or retreating partially back into the beautiful walled garden of Apple with another Hackintosh. Elementary seems to run very swiftly on my setup, feels nice to use.

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