Enhancements as per growing market.



As the growing market is using the linux "cp/scp/mv" commands for file
transfer, so basic enhancement will save more memory on devices.


--volatile xh/xd/xm #### where xh --> presents number of hours.
xd --> presents number of days and
xm --> presents number of months
and after that coplied files will be deleted automatically from the copied location.

In detail:

As most of the times, we need to copy/ move files from one location to another for a short period of time,
usually its observable that in most cases we forget to delete the files from the copied location
and also going forward it's not necessary, as it already has its original copy.
So in real corporate or in real world, lots of people are using same repository and all.
Just imagine, if one person can copy one file and forgets to delete so,
then it'll be a headache for a organization having thousands of people.
And also due to permission issue, always one can't delete the file copied by others.

So get rid of the issue, please add some options like --volatile or somethings which will copy the files as per customer requirements. like per hour or per day or month.
So the complete options will be like belowl

cp --volatile 3d file1 /tmp/
####### It will copy "file1" to the /tmp for 3 days. After the completion of the 3rd day, the file will be deleted automatically.
(Yes if the user wants then he/she can delete immediately after copying the file, 3 days should not be the mandatory for the user.)

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