Ettercap only shows virtual hosts


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Dec 15, 2020
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I just installed Kali linux on VM. I learned some things and start working with ettercap and wireshark. When I first time scaned for hosts I found online that I need to reinstall ettercap, so I did according to some article on stack overflow or github and I am sure it is not the problem. When i start search i click scan for hosts and get 3 results(all of them are Virtual hosts I think), I connected every combination and tried sniffing in wireshark it loaded some things but did not load i do not know searches I did on every possible device connected to network, it loaded some ARP protocole informations but nothing useful, and it loaded that every like 3-4 minutes. I am sure I did nothing wrong in setting up ettercap and wireshark. Can it be something like firewall or DNS? Can someone help me to solve this?


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Dec 11, 2019
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Do you mean you tried sniffing a wireshark capture with ettercap?I don't know anything about the tools in Kali, all I know is that for different tools in Kali your wireless card should support monitoring mode, try finding out if your wireless card supports monitoring mode if it doesn't I would start there but I would also recommend you ask your question on the Kali forums since the Kali tools are usually not installed by default on other GNU/Linux distributions and there are only a few people here that have some Kali knowledge who I haven't seen in aw while so you are more likely to get an answer on the Kali forums.
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