F29 BootPen instalation error: BUG : soft lockup #CPU1 stuck for 23s


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Jan 21, 2019
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Hi everyone.
So i'm trying for the first time to do a dual boot of Fedora 29 from a boot pen.
I have alrealdy Windows 10 installed(i did a restore of the windows), I created a partition and the boot pen with Fedora media writer.
I did the Boot restart and started Fedora from the usb pen. After a lot of [ok] checks it got stuck in [ok] Started GNOME Display Manager and the following message started to repeat :
watchdog: BUG : soft lockup #CPU1 stuck for 23s!



I would appreciate some help.

I have a MSI GE62 APACHE Pro with:
GTX 960 M
Windows 10 Home
16 Gb Ram
UEFI with Fast boot disable and Secure Boot Disable too, anda my priorities are first usb Hard Disk and then the hard Disk where the windows is installed.

G'day @gomes9563 and welcome to linux.org :)

So i'm trying for the first time to do a dual boot of Fedora 29 from a boot pen.

Now THAT'S ambitious :D

I run about 80 Linux on two rigs, with 30 alongside Windows 10 on this rig.

Haven't seen a question like this before.

You could edit your first post to factor in the reference to


... it shows in your Imgur shot, and can narrow your search for answers

The libvirtd program is the server side daemon component of the libvirt virtualization management system. ... This includes activities such as starting, stopping and migrating guests between host servers, configuring and manipulating networking, and managing storage for use by guests.

Hope this is of some assistance.


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