Fast distro

.. "fast distro" ... I admit I didn't really know what that meant.
Come to find out, it means means "boot up quickly".

actually I'm looking for process speed but fast boot is a bonus

Think i'm gonna go for antiX because it has relatively fast boot and seems lightweight as one distro can be.... in the end of the day it's not just OS speed that matters but also need to use lighter apps. for example firefox is very laggy for my laptop

does anyone know why app install has only some apps for antix? will there be more if I go to 64bit or change to mx linux?
what are you trying to install that seems to be missing? by "app install" are you referring to either Package Installer or Manage Packages from the Software tab of the Control Centre or something different?
i believe "Software Installer" should have extra packages that users want to install. antiX should have plenty of python packages already installed, but i don't think they would show up in there. the quickest way to see what python packages you already have installed would be something like

apt list '*python*' -i

if there are other python related packages you are looking for, you could try the other option in the Software tab of the Control Centre. on my antiX 64-bit virtual machine it is called Manage Packages. that should open a program called Synaptic Package Manager. that would let you search for other installable packages that may not show up in the "Software Installer".
starting with base makes sense since you are trying to go lightweight. i hadn't thought to mention that my version was full.
If I had 1G RAM computer I would choose antiX, 2G RAM, I would dual boot Easy and MX.
antiX has 3 ways to install packages. Together they cover all I ever need.

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