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Thought I'd give my five cents worth on Feren OS. I have till recently been a long term Mint user but decided to make the switch to Feren. It shares the same origins as Mint but I think I mostly like it more. I'll add these are my opinions not a fact written in stone so keep this in mind when reading.

Installation: far easier than a lot of other distro's I have come across. Just be careful about choosing the keyboard option. I think I UK when I need US. That aside choosing the correct SSD if you have more than one like me is dead easy as are installation options. You feel like you have more control and awareness over the installation process. Setting up internet connectivity is easy too.

Configurable: This is probably the most configurable Linux I've come across. It has an amazing number of themes, start bar options, widgets and other visual goodies that let you personalise your desktop. This includes a Windows 10 style start bar which I thought was kind of cool if you are someone who comes from a Windows environment.

Browser: It comes with Vivaldi as standard. I adore Vivaldi so this really made my day Bookmarking in Vivaldi from the start page lets you set up list of shortcuts to commonly used sites. If you have not tried it give it a go, its the easiest browser I have come across in terms of overall usability.

Software updates and software store (manager): are well stocked and I suspect tie back to Mint and Ubuntu? Both are good and I have had no issues thus far.

KDE: I like KDE but it feels slower than Cinnamon Mint. It don't think its a huge margin but that is my feeling. Mint just feels snappier when loading apps and navigating. I also appreciate Ubuntu and Mint have better user support but I would add a lot of the issues that might arise can be resolved by referring to those forums and here of course.

I rate Feren an 8/10 which is the same rating I give Mint. Mint is I faster I suspect but Feren offers more configuration options to personalise the use and feel of the OS. Will be interesting to see how stable it is over time and I'll revise my comments depending on what I find.

Hope this helps anyone thinking of making the switch.


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THAT is a wonderful review, i put a love on it. makes me want to try feren again, so i will (i typically run 70 - 90 linux)

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