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I'm a new Linux convert. I left Windows (for my business computer) because of Microsoft's forced software updates (I lost A LOT of work from their infamous restarts) and because they force cloud services and they spy on you.

I'm in the process of implementing software RAID 1 (mirroring?). Currently the HDs are NTFS. I understand that I probably need to change the filesystem. So the question is which one? Ext4, ZFS, .... ?

My requirements are basic:
  • if a HD dies, I should be able to use a variety of tools to diagnose the HD including tools from HD manufacturers.
  • need "undelete" capability using only open source tools.
  • must be plug and play with Linux. I should be able to pull a HD, plug it into the SATA port of another computer, and it shows up with all files in tact.
  • Must be stable/mature. I need NTFS level reliability. I can't risk ever losing my small business data. There must be no history of data corruption or glitches.
  • Encryption of some kind is highly desired. However, I should be able to remove and install the HD into another Linux computer and mount it again with minimal effort.
  • Must have good documentation written for the Windows convert.
  • Desire the ability to revert to a previous version of the file. NTFS had this capability.
  • Maximizes disk use by not wasting sectors/tracks with filesystem overhead. In Windows (NTFS) you can lose a lot of space if the cluster size is the default size and you have lots of little files.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

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