finding a drectory in file system


if I open file system(/), I can see that 20 directories and 5 files are in the root(/).

I like to find a directory with the name of it.
For example, there is a directory named "grub" in the directory "/bin".
So the location of the directory "grub" is "/bin/grub".
Let's suppose I don't know the location of the directory "grub" and I want to find where it is.

if I know the correct name of it, I can find the locaion of a directory on Window with the search fucntion .
But I cannot find it on Linux(xubuntu).
How can I find the location of it?

Actually I like to find whether a directory named "information_schema" is or is not.
if there is the directory named "information_schema", I like to know the location of the directory.
Can I find it with your help?
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what os (operating system) are you running ...Linux mint ?....


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G'day @dotKer , g'day all :)

Catfish officially came under the Xfce umbrella a little over 12 months ago, and as Xubuntu is based on Ubuntu with an Xfce DE (desktop environment) it is likely already installed.

An article HERE may be of interest.




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Click on the mouse icon on top left of screen: the software center will be there in the menu that first appears. It is just named "Software". Catfish may already be listed there.

Otherwise follow wizardfromoz's link, there is an install recipe there

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