Firefox Stable to the Repository

Eddie do you remember what we talked about, regarding patience? You said you would try your best.

The site you refer to is written by a person who can't even get the release dates right, nor provide a PPA that is official, nor to provide to install from a .deb.

If you have installed from a tar, there will be update problems that may follow. Security may be a problem.

v61 will be released via normal channels very soon.

Wait for it.

Okay, sorry.
If you really can't wait for the latest version of Firefox to hit the repos - the safest way to install it would probably be to install via snap. Snap is a new packaging format that has been adopted by Ubuntu and can be used alongside .deb.

The snap packages are a complete snapshot of an application, including all of its dependencies.

In order to use snap, you will need to have snapd installed:
sudo apt install snapd

Then you can install the latest snapshot of firefox:
sudo snap install firefox

Then to run firefox:
snap run firefox

The "snap" version of firefox will have to be updated via the snap command too.
There are also commands for removing snaps, downgrading to a previously installed version, listing installed snaps, searching for snaps.

Here is a tutorial from a couple of years ago when Ubuntu first introduced the snap package format:

The man-pages for snap also contain all the information you'll need to know about using snap.
To view the man-pages for snap use the command:
man snap

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