Firewall Blocks My VPN - Solved


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Aug 11, 2019
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To get Pure VPN to work I have to disable my firewall (UFW). It won't connect otherwise. Rather than keeping the firewall disabled whilst using the VPN though, how do I create an exception (this might not be the right term) so that the firewall will allow my VPN to connect?

Also, I speak French and Italian as well as English and use forums in all three languages. With Windows I was able to use (I forget the correct name) international UK keyboard or something where I could easily put accents etc. I've tried changing the keyboard settings to various English language keyboards (as this is the language I use most, it is the best one for me to have as my keyboard setup and I have no intention of learning AZERTY etc. lol). Is there an easy way to set up the keyboard so I can type with accents etc?

Many thanks in advance for your kind help (also, if including two problems in one post is not the done thing, please let me know as I am happy to do whatever is most acceptable to the community).

How I solved it was I didn't lol. I worked out how the PureVPN Linux app works so I didn't need to find how to get UFW to work with PureVPN PPTP as the Linux app doesn't conflict with UFW.

What PureVPN doesn't make clear, or at least didn't seem to make clear to me, was that its Linux app is a terminal app. I downloaded it and installed it so many times and could never find it (I'm new to Linux so I didn't know about terminal apps). I'd already Googled for a solution to this problem but mustn't have put in the right term because I found the answer when looking yesterday, namely that it only ran from the terminal. It's actually really simple to use once you know that's how it works.

The terminal app also uses OpenVPN which carries the benefit of being far more secure than PPTP.
Good to know you found the answer Interista! Welcome to the wonderful world of Linux :)