Five Little squares That Appear On My Screen


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To find out what desktop environment your running run this in the terminal.



I tried to do a screen shot. No luck. So I'm typing it.

Ubuntu 19.10
Device name xxxxxxEX58-UD3R
Memory 15.6 GB
Processor Intel core I7cpu [email protected]
Graphics GeForce GT 630/PCle/SSE2
GNOME 3.34.1
OS type 64-bit
Disk 320.1GB

Is that what you want?


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That's it.

What is Gnome 3.34.1-?
If that's the picture that your seeing that's the splash screen that you get while Ubuntu is booting up.
I can help you to decress the boot time later.

Gnome is the desktop environment. Also known as an gui.


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For what it's worth I have the same 5 little squares while Linux Mint is booting up.
Once the squares fill up with color twice that I get my log in screen.

Are you getting your log in screen after the little squares stop filling up?


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