Forwarding ethernet connection on a Red Hat


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Mar 10, 2020
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Dear fellow Linuxers,

I was a bit uncertain what exactly I want or need, so I thought that the beginner's forum would be most suitable for my question. Please advise if I was mistaken.

Setting: I'm currently using my own Ubuntu-machine as my work-computer, and I would prefer a wired internet connection to our spotty wifi. My workplace, however, does not permit personal computers to connect to the wired network. I can, however, connect to the wired network via the University provided Red Hat -computer, to which I can also request admin-priviledges. Thus I'm planning to have my Red Hat machine connected to the wired connection as a sort of switch/router, and then have my Ubuntu connect to the Red Hat box, possibly via an usb-ethernet adapter as the Red Hat box has only one ethernet port.

Question: Is it possible (and/or sensible) to turn a Red Hat -computer into an 'ethernet-forwarder', taking in internet from an ethernet cable and then outputting it through an usb-ethernet -adapter to an Ubuntu-machine?

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