FQDN Authentication Issue With LinOTP


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Mar 15, 2024
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Hello Everyone,
I installed Linotp 2.12.6 and integrated it with AWS workspaces using this documentation for MFA TOTP:

Everything is working well using workspaces and LinOTP.

Now I want to add MFA to a Bastion Amazon Linux instance that is domain joined. I want to leverage the same LinOTP that I already have in the environment for TOTP. I configured the Linux instance for MFA and to send the TOTP token to the radius server however after reviewing the logs on LINOTP, I see it is receiving the username with the domain ([email protected]) and it fails to find a matching user in the resolver.

the realm is the same as the windows domain name. I made sure that the setting to split on "@" is enabled so it differentiate username from realm, however authentication fails. LinOTP authenticates successfully users logging into workspaces since only the username is sent to the radius server, without the FQDN.

I would really appreciate any guidance on how to enable windows domain striping and resolve this issue.
Thank you!

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