Frequent UDP TCP DDOS attacks


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Sep 15, 2018
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We are recently facing frequent DDOS attacks on our shared and reseller hosting servers located in Asia and US. We are a hosting company having these servers hosted in a Datacenter. Types of attacks we are receiving is shared below:-

All these servers are with Linux CenTOS and cPanel/WHM installed on it. We have a limited access to network as these servers are procured from DC itslef.

My Questions are:-

1. Is it the content/websites we are hosting causing the issue?
2. Are there any tools we can use to scan such type of vulnerable websites or content?
3. What else can be done to secure from such kind of attacks?
4. How to determine the source?

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Hello @Ruan and welcome to

Have you tried contacting CentOS themselves for help with these issues?

From their website - wiki - documentation

For help in real time, #centos on is another valuable source of information about CentOS issues.

Other than that, our Admin @Rob is a CentOS user and may have some input.

Good luck

Chris Turner

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