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Glitch with dial-up on Mint Mate 19 Tara



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Mar 16, 2020
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Hello Everyone. Just wanted to update you all regarding progress.
First Thunderbird Mail can do selective download by downloading headers only through the settings menu by clicking on email address at top of window > settings > 'fetch headers'. You must then add a 'size' column to the 'subject bar' to see how big the emails are. This has solved my dial-up issue.
Pegasus evidently cannot be successfully fully installed with WINE. Thunderbird is the best and only option i could find. Claws may work if you know what you're doing...I don't know enough.
My Zoom modem works on Windows and Linux, no problem there once I got Gnomeppp.

Thank you all sooo much for your recommendations of tutorial links as well as the Tutorials on YouTube. I'm learning so very much and am solving issues in Linux as well as Windows. Awesome videos. I'm sure I'll be back. I miss talking with you guys. Sincere Gratitude.

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