Good tutorial on how to enable and maintain Flat Packs on Mint


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May 14, 2021
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I found this tutorial helpful in dealing with flatpack software on Linux mint installs. One suggestion though If like me you installed with separate (/) root and /home partitions, and choose to use flatpacks you should expand your root Partition to say 65 to 70 Gigs as the flatpacks take up a lot of disk space and are stored in the / partition.


Excellent link, kc1di, well worth using and remembering.
These links may help in understanding Flatpaks, where they are used, their safety, whether you can use them on Ubuntu (you can), the fact that snaps are closed source, and many other trivialities. ... (this is The Linux App Store) .... Using Flatpak on Ubuntu and Other Linux Distributions [Complete Guide]
Flatpak is a universal packaging format from Fedora. Enabling Flatpak will give you access to the easy installation of many Linux applications. Here's how to use Flatpak in Ubuntu and other Linux distributions.

As far as I can see, there are no downsides.
I know this thread is a bit ... stale, but I have a couple of questions.
So, I've never installed anything via flatpak.
However, I follow a few youtube channels and I would like to watch things without big brother google looking over my shoulder so I am thinking about installing Free Tube, which is available in the software manager as a flatpak.
I am currently running Mint Cinnamon 21.3 and this thread is referencing earlier versions so the first question is if the info is still pertinent. I think it is, but it can't hurt to ask. :)
These articles talk about installing flatpak and installing PPA's and updating this and that. Leading to questions.
Whenever I have installed a system package via software manager, I just click install and that's it. Done. So, do I use the same method installing a flatpak through the software manager or must I first install and update things as outlined in these articles?
And of course, I am also wondering if this is the better way to go. I know most programs are better obtained via the software manager, however, some are best obtained through the maintainer's web site. Oracle's Virtual Box is a good example. Anyone have an opinion on where best to obtain Free Tube? Mind you, I don't care to have the latest version of the thing, just the version that works best with the least tweaking.
I don't think storage space is a problem, my / partition is 200 GB and only 9.5% full.
by using the Mint software manager, you can install any of the included packages irrespective of being flat pack or Deb simply by the install button
Thanks Brickwizard. I wanted clarification here to avoid a possible conflict from trying to use both methods at the same time and creating a conflict with double instances of the same code "fighting" each other. ( I hope I stated that in a way that is understandable) :D
Still not sure if I'm going this route or not. It seems that Free Tube needs two extensions installed to the browser, Privacy Redirect and LibRedirect. There is a Firefox version and a Chrome version of each. I use Brave for a browser and while I think the Chrome version will work with Brave, I haven't been able to confirm that from any source yet.
ok just downloaded the flatpack from the software manager and tested on my mint laptop, all ok.. Note it may not work on some kit as it is still beta
So, I've never installed anything via flatpak.
I can understand your hesitation, I really can.
i must admit I had a moment or three where I reconsidered, read some more, and then read a whole lot more......buty, only listening to thiose who approached the topic of flatpaks in a logical sense.
The person I ended up paying most attention to was Clem. (Linuxmint)

Put simply, flatpaks are sandboxed and have all dependencies that are needed.
They 'fit' seamlessly with already installed apps......there are no fight.
My main nvme ssd holds 250GB, and is currently 13.5% full
I have everything in the way of apps that I need, and then some.
Flatpak update regularly, via the update manager......quite often without need for my password. That is not to be wary of, it is the approved behaviour.

Currently I am running 26 flatpaks. From the terminal,...

brian@brian-desktop:~$ flatpak list
Name Application ID Version Branch Installation
Dialect app.drey.Dialect 2.2.0 stable system
calibre ….calibre_ebook.calibre 7.4.0 stable system
Video Downloader ….unrud.VideoDownloader 0.12.10 stable system
GtkStressTesting com.leinardi.gst 0.7.6 stable system
Flatsweep …ntpinkrobots.flatsweep v2023.12.17 stable system
Waterfox net.waterfox.waterfox 6.0.8 stable system
Freedesktop Plat… …g.freedesktop.Platform 22.08.20 22.08 system
Freedesktop Plat… …g.freedesktop.Platform 23.08.10 23.08 system
Mesa …op.Platform.GL.default 23.3.0 22.08 system
Mesa (Extra) …op.Platform.GL.default 23.3.0 22.08-extra system
Mesa …op.Platform.GL.default 23.3.2 23.08 system
Mesa (Extra) …op.Platform.GL.default 23.3.2 23.08-extra system
Intel …p.Platform.VAAPI.Intel 22.08 system
Intel …p.Platform.VAAPI.Intel 23.08 system
ffmpeg-full …p.Platform.ffmpeg-full 23.08 system
openh264 …ktop.Platform.openh264 2.1.0 2.2.0 system
GNOME Applicatio… org.gnome.Platform 45 system
gnome platform t… ….gnome.Platform.Locale 43 system
Mint-Y Gtk Theme …g.gtk.Gtk3theme.Mint-Y 3.22 system
Mint-Y-Aqua Gtk … ….Gtk3theme.Mint-Y-Aqua 3.22 system
Mint-Y-Blue Gtk … ….Gtk3theme.Mint-Y-Blue 3.22 system
Mint-Y-Sand Gtk … ….Gtk3theme.Mint-Y-Sand 3.22 system
GtkHash org.gtkhash.gtkhash 1.5 stable system
KDE Application … org.kde.Platform 5.15-23.08 system
ISO Image Writer org.kde.isoimagewriter 1.0.0 stable system
KPatience org.kde.kpat 23.08.4 stable system

Important: :: In Update Manager preferences, packages, Update types....tick the box for Flatpak Updates, and also cinnamon Spice Updates.

Some of the updates will appear huge to you....but remember it is simply replacing files in the original 'pack'.....not adding gb to it )

As always, a trusted source is Its Foss.

My approach?....don't overthink is simply just a 'different' way of getting all the ducks in a row.....getting the necessary dependencies in the one place at the one time. Really? is an incredibly simple idea that has been done beautifully.

If Clem trusts his beloved Linux Mint to Flatpaks, I am not about to argue

Thanks for pointing out FreeTube. The flatpak is downloading as I type.


One last thing. The usual Software Manager repository has a lot of flatpaks. I use them at every opportunity
It's not something I'd worry about...I don't have separate partitions for either Root or Home.

The Mint Update Manager takes care of everything so you don't have to do anything except enjoy Linux.
Thanks for all the input. I think my hesitation was reading about flatpaks using a lot of real estate. I have Mint installed on a 1 TB SSD. The / partition is 200 GB, so I should have plenty of space. But I come from the time of 5.25 floppies and no hard drives, so my knee jerk reaction is to always husband storage space closely. I remember having a computer that I got second hand. I do not recall the make or OS, but I do remember it used cassette tapes for storage.
Pretty sure I'll be installing Free Tube via flatpak as soon as I am sure those extensions will work with Brave browser.