Google rolls out Privacy Sandbox to use Chrome browsing history for ads


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Apr 30, 2017
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I did give some thought to posting this under "Security"

I thought better of it...knowing that more people would see this posting under its current heading....General Linux Questions

Read it carefully....this is important info for chrome users.
Thanks for the heads-up on this. I don't normally use chrome or chrome-based browsers but, on the off chance that I might, this is good to know.

The article describes how to disable all three of "Ad topics", "Site-suggested ads" and "Ad measurement" to disable Privacy Sandbox entirely but it doesn't say what happens when you do do. Does it fall back to using third party cookies? I'm guessing that "not trying to profile users" (just defaulting to random, un-targeted ads) isn't going to be an option.

That Privacy Sandbox "uses Oblivious HTTP Relays to transmit data between the browser to advertisers, providing further privacy for users" really sets my mind at ease.
I did give some thought to posting this under "Security"

Hmm... We really should have a "Privacy" sub-forum.

This isn't really a 'general Linux questions' thing, but I can see why it might get posted here.

I suppose we could have a "Security/Privacy" sub-forum, which isn't adding a forum but is just making that the correct sub-forum to place these types of threads.

Privacy and security are different things, but they have a lot in common and one can depend on the other.

Let's see what @Rob thinks...

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