gpu drivers for richland series apu


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Nov 26, 2019
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I'm absolutely new to linux.After finding about linux,I just felt like I need to see this.So I installed linux mint 19.2 (cinamon) in a laptop without any problem.
After that,I decided to install it to my desktop but got issues like auto rebooting,freezing,keyboard not functioning.I was able boot from a usb using nomodeset with a low resolution screen.
I tried linux mint,pop os,ubuntu.All had the same problem but was able to boot by nomodeset.

My specs :
CPU - A8-6600K
GPU - Radeon 8570D (integrated in the APU)
Motherboard - MSI FM2-A55M-E33 (Bios - version 11.1(5/2/2013), mode - legacy , secure boot-unsupported)
Current OS - Windows 10 build 18363

I still haven't installed ubuntu on my dekstop because I'm not sure if I'll have the drivers after installation,or maybe everything might work after installation? I searched for drivers in additional drivers but there was none available.I searched amd website and found that drivers were provided only until Ubuntu 14.04 and nothing after that,still I tried to install those in ubuntu 18.04.3(LTS) from the instruction manual but it didn't install.

Not only the gpu driver but the ethernet also doesn't work,everything worked fine with the laptop but getting no where in my apu.I tried setting everything manually,the mac address,ipv4 address,dns literally everything so I'm assuming it's hardware related.So,I managed to get a wifi usb adapter to connect to a network but thats kinda troublesome cause I'have to set some things up every time I'm gonna use ubuntu.Same doubt here,that the ethernet might not work after installation.

For these reasons I have not installed ubuntu.But I'm gonna install it anyway after preparing a couple of recovery methods for worst case scenarios.
Everything I tried was on the live usb of ubuntu 18.04.3 after booting with nomodeset.

I'd be glad if I can get any help.Thanks in advance.

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