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Greetings from Paper Street!!


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Hi all...

Been in the IT field for 20'ish years - got more involved with Linux over the past few. Decided to join up and make some new friends - or atleast that's what my therapist suggested...so here I am....

Looking forward to learning some new stuff as well as helping with what little I know...

Cheers & Happy Holidays to all....

Eric Tyler Durden

(his name is Robert Paulson)


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G'day Tyler and Welcome to linux.org

Got to be warty of these therapists mate....they will have you joining up just about any old where !

Stay a while....have a good time....join in when you are able.


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G'day Tyler from another Aussie and welcome to the crew :)

Stay a while....have a good time....
Geez, I was worried that Brian was about to start singing "The Beverly Hillbillies"

Brian and I seldom disagree on anything, but I would say ...

Wise therapist!

Enjoy your Linux and we will see you around.

Chris Turner


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G'day and welcome to the community.
Yeah I understand where your coming from in regards to the therapist, as we Aussies say been there, done that and got the "T"shirt. Many moons ago now.
I have always understood that knowledge and information is to be shared not hoarded and withheld.

As my erstwhile countryman @wizardfromoz said Enjoy your Linux and I will see ya around.

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