GUILTY GEAR STRIVE problems and Linux gaming in general.


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Jun 26, 2021
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I haven't see anyone mentioned this issue but the problem with my game is, it keeps getting MASSIVE hit in fps when the game loads to another menu/screen . For example sometimes in character select screen I get like 7-8 fps and in battle it jumps back to 60 fps, that sounds passable BUT if the character select screen doesn't lag then the battle will be! I don't know what's the cause of it and it is very irritating!

Besides that, I have tried multiple distros a past few days and surprisingly some games very smooth and some are very choppy/stuttery. Pop and Manjaro although highly regarded as smooth, surprisingly are the worst to me, especially Manjaro where even in desktop it's choppy once every 5 secs, and I have tried both Xfce and KDE too. Pop in the other hand get a very smooth desktop experience but in game it is very choppy, more than Mint or Zorin Lite and even Manjaro. The one seems to work best for me atm is Zorin OS Lite, but the problem with GG Strive remains. I've tried different protons and kernels too but still Pop is very smooth in desktop but super choppy in games where Manjaro is kinda the opposite, both are unusable nonetheless.

So, what distro is ACTUALLY best for gaming now? And what's the problem with GG Strive? Would love to hear your shares.

If nothing works out I will stick with Zorin for the moment, and I also want to hear some thoughts on Solus.

My specs:

Intel Core i3 10105F
16GB of ram