handwriting support in Ubuntu 20.04


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I have a request for you, I have two systems 1- windows, 2-Ubuntu 20.04 installed on my Lenovo YOGA 520-14 laptop. Windows, and more specifically the Lenovo software, destroyed my battery, so I installed linux, surprisingly the time increased by 1.5 hours.

I write quite a lot by hand on this lapkt, not only drawing but a lot of notes.

I have OneNote, but it's a web version and it's not very functional. The windows version is very good.

I wanted to ask you for support, i.e.

- some packages that allow automatic switching to tablet mode (currently the keyboard works when switching),

- programs that will allow you to take large notes, e.g. 6 to 10 A4 pages (I am a student and I need a laptop for this).

- generally, some advice for people who want to have Linux 2in1 on laptops.

I would be grateful for any advice

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