Hardware RAID 1 not recognising full capacity of disks


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Feb 23, 2021
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Hi, this is my first post on an online forum. Any advise/ point in right direction is appreciated.

I have a HP Z8 G4 workstation with 2x 6TB HDDs and 1x 1TB NVME SSD (with Ubuntu 20.04 installed).

I have configured hardware RAID 1 in BIOS using OROM and which successfully (pre OS) recognises RAID volume size as 5586.03G. But when I boot into the OS and open Disks, the RAID volume is limited to 1.3TB.

I have updated the BIOS, checked the technical paper to verify hardware RAID is supported with this model. I have also swapped out the 6TB drives for 500GB to test, and found those size drives were recognised to their fullest capacity; 475GB. I have also tested software RAID which recognised full capacity before reinstalling OS - so that it did not conflict with any additional work done. I have also tried RAID creation using the UEFI driver in BIOS setup as per technical white paper doc attached - but which produced the same as OROM.

Relatively new to Ubuntu, I am running out of options and can find nothing online relevant to hardware RAID config and all sources recommend using software RAID instead but given RAID controller was specifically purchased - end user doesn't want to change.

Can anyone make any suggestions?


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