Have an good RAM disk utility for Lubuntu ?


Hello thanks for read my post.
In Linux for Lubuntu 20.04 64 have an good ramdisk utility ?
In window I had used primo ramdisk cache being very good.
Have an ramdisk utility that allow create an ramdisk for Linux Temp folder being from 1 to 4 GB size that only use memory RAM if really is being used the space size ? Is possible change TEMP folder to an ramdisk drive ?
I am new to Linux and has site saying that is possible create an compressed swap file in ram using an utility.
Well I need to create an RAM disk for TEMP folder and if possible and compressed swap in RAM instead of using disk drive.
Thanks very much for your reply.
Have an nice day.


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Where to download tmpfs ? Look how use tootally the ram space allocated even not using the ram disk size space
tmpfs is not a utility it is a way you can mount a temporary filesystem that makes use of memory or swap space. All the links provided in this thread were instructions as to how to do the setup for it.
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