Have to re-add bluetooth mouse after every boot


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I have a Dell precision 5510. I am a distro hopper but mostly ubuntu based distros. The issue I am having and maybe this isn't just laptop related but I have a Logitech G603 bluetooth/usb mouse that I use in Bluetooth mode using the laptop's built-in bluetooth. It connets and works fine but everytime I reboot and It's done this with various distros I have to delete the mouse in bluetooth and re-find it again. Not a big deal, just frustrating. Anyone have this issue or know of a fix? Thanks

Lord Boltar

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By default most Linux OS has auto-start turned off by default for Bluetooth, which is why you have to reconnect it every time you reboot.

You have to edit the /etc/bluetooth/main.conf file to control the behavior.

You may try to change the line that reads DiscoverableTimeout = 0 or add lines like

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