hello, user permissions question



i was looking in forums about user permissions.
i have a few stations and i need them to be secured as much as i can.
the ultimate way for me wiil be that the user will be able only to open the web browser and surf not more than that. but i guess its cannot be done .
so i will be glad to know how can i forbid form user to :
access to terminal, access to folders (c systems) and prevent from deleting files or even write on disk (because then i need to clean it from junk installations and used junked space. that is alot of computers, sometimes they so messed up that i need to reinstall system).
or basically every limit that there is on linux :) .
thank you a lot.
oh by the i am not a prison manager :)
by the way i am using ubuntu 10.04....

thank you!!

Have you tried using virtual machines, you can give one machine for each user. and delete them when not required.
first of all thank you,
but what do you mean virtual machines?
in what environment will they run. from ubuntu or will link to server?
can you be more specific please?
There are various solutions depending on your need, you can link it from the server or have it installed on local machine.
Check out vmware.com, they are the leader in vritualization currently.
Have you tried changing file owners and group using chown?
In linux some files are configured to have restrictive permissions to prevent unauthorised access. Like /etc/shadow file which can't be accessed by regular users.

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