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help installing lubuntu on external HDD w/ data


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So I am having some trouble installing and booting to linux with my external hard drive. I install it on a separate partition different from my main partition that has data, im not trying to use the whole drive, but when I get it installed and try to boot it, its just a blinking line at the top, nothing happens. help?


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Hi @sapphir3 and welcome to linux.org :)

So I take it you have a working operating system on a computer to go on with, and is that running Windows (which one?) or other?

Take a look here at #6 in particular, and see if you can give us some more information about your computer and the drive.


Someone perhaps myself will be along soon to help further, but all the info we can get will help, as we have nothing to go on so far :confused:

Lubuntu 18.04.1? 32-bit, 64-bit?


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