help me choose a distro for my old computer


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Jun 16, 2024
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Inspired by this forum the specification for the cpu and ram is the same as the one posted, my laptop is acer aspire 4738z and im new to Linux and have been using Lubuntu for a while dual booting with windows 7 so help me choose a distro for speed, like windows, based on Ubuntu (otherwise Debian), and stability
Edit: I want to try debian 12 with mate or xfce!
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Perhaps Damn Small Linux might be helpful.

Saved my old Thinkpad T42. :)

And Puppy Linux of course.

Both of these aren't really entry level distros but certainly worthy to keep in mind if anything else fails.

If you really want to wake the laptop some ram....install it yourself or have someone install it for you.

It will also open up far more possibilities.

Maybe put a ssd in it at the same time will flyyyy
If you really want to wake the laptop some ram.
it will only take 4gb max with that particular CPU, so not really cost-effective for a young lad, a small SSD [reconditioned] would be a more cost-effective upgrade
ahhh....i 'assumed' that his user name meant he was 'on in age' a tad.....but he is referring to the laptop itself......
Just goes to show, you are never too old to learn

@oldlaptopuser, if you can rustle up the funds, find a ssd that suits the $ you have.

Edit to add: Just reread your initial post.....your language is quite mature for a '14' year old.
Linux Lite would work just fine.

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