Help with alsa-pulse audio(arcolinux)No sound


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Oct 19, 2021
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Hello everyone.i know this is not a new problem but everybodys solution is different depending on hardware-software.So yesterday i downloaded arco linuxl (pulseaudio not pipewire).I had no sound at first.I ve encountered this problem before with my razer headset and i knew a little trick that always worked.go to pavu control and change defautl card.the problem is that the gui version of pavucontrol doesnt workfor some reason. It says establishing connection with pulseaudio services please wait.Never establishes the i then tried the terminal version of pavuciontrol changed the default card to my headset instead of my monitor.Still no sound.
Anyones got any ideAs?(Im new to debugging linux so please tell me what command results i need to post)thnx in advance
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