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Linux admins do lots of stuff and use lots of tools to make their job easier. This thread is to share links that make your job easier as a Linux admin...

I'll start it off with this one...
(generate strong passwords)

What sites do you use?



This is not a specific site per se, but can almost always find a solution.


This isn't necessarily just for admins, but any Linux technical work. I've found The Geek Stuff blog to be a great source for tutorials and Linux administration:

It has a lot of tutorials for C, C++, shell, awk, sed, perl, etc. As well as "how to" articles and polls for "best <whatever>" like "best system monitoring tools." Also practical examples for utilizing commands like wget, crontab, grep, find, etc.

Adam Johnson

I always want to check the usual suspects What took time? - CPU, Disk IO, Network, Memory etc. Where? Sift through the layers of database server, web server and application server.
I was searching for a tool which should be free and easy to install and solves my problem and found out SeaLion
Now i can just open the browser, and the output of standard commands is available in a nice tabbed interface. We can now jump to a specific period in time with a single click. One can add their own set of commands too. We can also compare the output of different servers side by side, to find out why one server is performing worse than the other of the same type. The task that used to take several minutes now gets done under a minute.
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