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May 6, 2024
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I moved from Windows to Linux about six years ago and I've gradually improved my workflow and setup to make my own custom enviornment that's tailored to my needs and personal preferences (arch linux, i3, tmux + lots of configuration, and cli based programs).

I love that Linux offers the freedom to customize every aspect of the experience, with the help of bash scripts and other terminal based applications. Windows always felt very limited in that aspect.

Hope you're all well, thanks for reading.

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If you needed a new suite, then why choose something ready-made when you can have it made to measure. An OS is no different, but we all are, we start with the same cloth and overall pattern then make it our own style. [this is frighting to those who are use to being told what to use and what it should look like]
Hello @xsaya,
Welcome to the Linux.org forum, enjoy the Journey!
Glad it all working for you :)
G'day and welcome
Welcome to the Forum.
As a newbie myself, I dare say: welcome!
Bash scripting is certainly a pretty fluid and useful skill to have. Everyone wants to customize their operating system to a degree, except maybe not if you are primarily into macs/apple, or you just use your computer for social media and email.
Welcome newbies. And don't worry - Like me, after a couple of decades you'll be... well, what do you know... still a noob! But one with lots of experience. It's lots of fun that way.

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