Hi. Overwhelmed Much! Don't know where to Start.


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Hi all. My computer has been stable for so long I've forgot almost everything. However, I have an ageing Laptop I want to re-purpose. It's an Acer Aspire 7730.

Anyway, I've used DBAN to Wipe it! Never used it before so not sure what I've done. I want to Install a Simple Linux based OS. It doesn't need to do anything except Networking, Surfing and showing Stock Charts. That's it. No other purpose. Maybe it can run from the USB2?? I don't know! What is Best?

I apologise for putting a post on. There's too much to read thru and I'm not even sure i understand what I'm asking so trying to find the answer is difficult.

Laptop that I have completely Wiped. Only access to Bios. Install Linux for Best Solution. Either USB or HDD.

Greatly appreciate your input. Thanks.


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If by "showing stock charts" you only mean "looking at web pages" (as opposed to using a spreadsheet)... then an extremely simple Linux you might consider is Slax. It runs well on a CD or USB and contains only the most basic of tools (but enough for what you listed). The CD is easier to setup and still runs quite well. USB would be a little quicker and would allow you to install additional programs, but setting up USB is different than most Linux distros.


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