How can I delete my account?


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I’ve got my kids with me all day today. I’ll take a detailed look at the original thread this evening and will see if I can help!

@enanito44 - we only have a small core of regular, active members here at We’re all spread around the world, in different time-zones. We do try to ensure that all questions get an answer wherever possible, but sometimes posts slip the net.

Nelson Muntz

You know what? I really want to apologize for my first reply to your answer when I said you "probably are a Linux nazi", I think it was totally out of place for me to say that, but then again, I am human and as such, I am bound to err but I did not mean any harm, really. I was just trying to use sarcasm but I guess it went too far. So again, please accept my apologies.
Thank you for your apology and no offense was taken. :)


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I don't know what god you believe in but I hope he or she bless you.
Every day. Look, if you don't want to be here, that's your choice. I have left many forums after the utility or the interest has passed. Contact a mod, or someone in charge using the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of every page. Sometimes the "Help" link provides the answer. In either case, find someone who can act on your request, and have enough respect to not waste everyone else's time.

Or put yourself on timeout for a while until you figure out what you are really looking for - in very specific terms.


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I'm just waking up and having a cup of hot Gunpowder tea with some Baileys Irish Cream.
yes but i'm a slackware user and extreme decadence doesn't come easily to us ! Next you will be saying you had whipped cream as well , marshmallow and a mini umbrella .

i guess i could start with Java Coffee and maybe work up to a drop of saki


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a cup of hot Gunpowder tea with some Baileys Irish Cream now I am truly envious ! is just 5.00 am here, and I am thirsting for that brew !!!

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